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*forgets to talk to friends for 4 weeks*

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Now on the road.

Day 1: 730km. Left Ottawa at 5am. Surprisingly easy drive, albeit through some pretty grey weather. I probably could have gone another couple of hours, but there aren’t hotels a) that look acceptable and b) available for a reasonable price, until like another six hours down the road from here, so, I guess nine hours of driving is fine.

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I have this friend who says to me:

"What ever you don’t do one sucking himself off!"

so inevitably I did >:3


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Just look at that butt! 

God damn horny Pegasi!



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is it true that you're actually a horse?
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We’ve established this of course i am

when i wanna draw horsedicks i just look down and i’m just like “yeah i’ll just draw something like that”

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The second completed collab print between myself and darkflame7. I did the lineart and he did the beautiful colors. I REALLY love how this one came out, so thank you so much for coloring it, Dark! 8D

Guys, make sure you check out darkflame7 ’s beautiful gallery. And please, be sure to go give him his well-deserved props on his upload of this collab as well! C: 

And if you’re going to Bronycon, he’s also my tablemate, so be sure to stop by to come and see us!

We decided to have something for Big Mac since the big lug’s VA, Peter New, is gonna be there. So we did! Big Mcintosh on his way back to the house after a long day out in the fields, but he stops to enjoy the lovely twilit sky.

Also, there’s a cute little easter egg in this image. You get a virtual cookie if you can find it. ;D

But I suppose that’s it. As always, feel free to ask me any questions if you have any. And don’t forget; give Dark his props for the work he did on this. Other than that, thanks a bunch for stopping by!

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The Changeling put a hand on his chin, deep in thought. The farmpony before him was now completely
in his control, fully subject to his wishes….but what would he be best for?

He turned to look at the row of stallions dancers, all in various underwear, and all with large,
eager bulges for show. He smiled at their excitement at taking the stage, heck they’d gladly dance for him
right now if he asked. It amused him, seeing them grope and play with their bulges last night. And now
they were ready to display themselves again for an audience.

He then turned back to focus on the problem before him. Apparently that Appleloosan star was related to this
stallion before him and had arrived to visit relatives. Having arrived here on break, he was easily hooked
with a bottle of Marelot.

As Big Mac stared aimlessly into the air, a lime green glow faded in into his eyes. His mouth was curved into
a dreamlike smile as he took slow blinks. Carnelian sighed to himself, pacing round the changing room. He
already had a decent amount of dancers and waiters, most of them out there setting tables all modelling
luminous undies.

"Hmmm…strip to your underwear for me, let’s take a look at your physique..maybe physical labor in the
storage room would benefit..”

The farmpony eagerly undressed to his briefs as if his clothes were constricting him, tossing them aside
like yesterday’s trash, revealing his muscular physique from farm work. He could be a dancer, but some had
already become favorites with the audience, and the stage wouldn’t be large enough anyway. Carn eyed him from
head to toe, what to do…. what to do with this stallion?

Then an idea planted itself in his mind, making the changeling smile wryly.

"You don’t need to wear tighy whitey briefs, you’d look much more…delicious in something else.
now come with me, I have your attire ready for the night”


Carn went out back feeling satisfied, seeing Big Macintosh clad in black gear, ready for the night. Nobody
would be able to recognize him in that garb, and now the club now had a guard on lookout. The first customers
had already arrived and the dancers were already moving out to the podium. Ah well, the farmpony would prevent
curious eyes from peering in to see those undie stallions, and for good reason too, lest someone recognized
them and uncovered his act.
And damn did he look good in a green jockstrap…after all, what better complimentary color to draw the eye to
that beautiful pacakge he had

It’s alright, maybe tomorrow you can dance for the crowd, until then, you can stand guard here, nopony other
then the dancers get in here unless I say so”

[Written by BerryBerry]

Hooooo. <3

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kyronea replied to your post: cottonsulk replied to your post: It tu…

Might be worth donating the wearable stuff and junking the not wearable stuff?

That’s the plan! Any bulky stuff I can avoid packing is a good thing.

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that’s a LOT of underwear

Admittedly. The context is that some OCD-related habits die hard (stockpiling to be sure of always having enough, frequent washing) and that I’ve lost a lot of weight in the last couple years. Without a huge ass to fill them out, XL are now loose and baggy on me and give no crotch support, so they’re as unwearable as the ratty, worn-out ones. :/

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It turns out I have a total of 115 underwear, 99 of which are briefs. Of those,  85 are white and 14 are coloured. 28 are too big to be comfortable any more, and 13 are too worn or torn to be worth packing up. Moving revelations!